Health & Safety


We will be limiting the number of campers each week of camp to 200. This will help us meet the social distancing challenges currently in place.

We plan to test each individual arriving at camp with a quick test that can be assessed nearly immediately. Once each person is cleared to remain, they will be allowed full access to the property.

We will require masks when social distancing is not possible.

With your help each day, we will monitor the temperature and health condition of each person, so our camp remains healthy and safe.

Our eating schedule will be modified to stagger eating and use both dining halls in alternate shifts at each meal.

There will be multiple hand washing stations around camp and in your campsite so we can push this method of maintaining sanitation.

Merit badge and Frontiersman sessions will maintain social distancing requirements and your camp staff will be well trained in how to implement these requirements.

We will fill camp one month at a time, starting with June. Once it is full, we will open weeks in July.

We will offer as many merit badges as possible, considering our ability to staff those classes. In this first camp announcement, you will find the list of badges that will be offered and those we plan to offer if we have the staff.

Health and Medical Procedures

A current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, No. 34605, with Parts A, B, and C completed within the past 12 calendar months is required for all staff, leaders, and campers in attendance.  Health history and physical examination is required for this form.  Medical forms are shared only on a need-to-know basis and will be on file in the health lodge.  Forms may be picked up from the health lodge upon departure from camp.  Uncollected forms will be destroyed.

On arrival in camp, everyone is given a private medical screening by a physician, health officer, or other adult approved by the camp physician.  This check is required by BSA National Standards and helps improve health and safety of all campers.  The Camp Director and unit leaders are informed of campers with limitations so that the appropriate staff members are alerted.

Any camper, youth or adult, who does not submit a current and completed BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, No. 34605, with Parts A, B, and C will be required to leave within 24 hours.  There is no fee refund.  Visitors on camp less than 24 hours (such as those attending Friday evening campfire) are not required to submit medical forms.