Eagle Academy

First-year camper program

In the Eagle Academy program, Scouts will cover many requirements from Tenderfoot through First Class ranks. They will be learning the basic Scout skills or refining skills that they already know. Scouts will be covering requirements for knots, lashings, woods tool use and care, swimming, lifesaving, orienteering, plant and animal identification, fire building and first aid. Each Scout will need a swimsuit, towel, personal first aid kit and their Boy Scout handbook.

Scouts in the Eagle Academy program will become a member of a provisional patrol for the week and will have the full attention of experienced staff mentors.  This program is a great introduction to summer camp and is highly recommended for all first-year campers.

This program will takes three sessions and Scouts may enroll in any available Merit Badge during the fourth block appropriate for their age and maturity..

Nationally Accredited Camp