Summer Campsite Reservation

Troops that were in a campsite last summer were able to reserve a spot by placing a deposit during their week at camp. Available campsites may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. The campsite reservation is nonrefundable, but may be used toward the total camp fee. Troops that make a reservation, but for some reason do not show, forfeit their $200 deposit. Units coming to camp this summer will have first pick to reserve their campsite for the next summer.

Even if the site is reserved in advance, a unit may be reassigned to an alternate location or may be required to share a campsite with another unit if there is extra capacity in a campsite.


Many, but not all, of our campsites have canvas tents on wooden platforms. The list below shows only those campsites that do and how many tents per campsite are provided. Any modifications that need to be made to tents and tent platforms to conform to special needs should be turned in to the program office so that proper accommodations can be made. Each platform has one tent that holds two people only, so if the campsite doesn't have enough tents, troops should arrange to bring more to fulfill the total need. Cots are not provided with the tents and platforms.

Each campsite has a latrine, a hand washing station and picnic tables. There is no electricity in the campsites. Shower facilities with individual stalls and toilets are located within 1000 feet of all campsites.



Below are images of some of our typical campsites.