Camp-wide Activities

Twilight Activities

Many opportunities are available for unit activities in the evening hours.  Some activities have been scheduled by camp staff and are open to all Scouts and leaders; other activities may be done on a troop basis and can be scheduled by the unit leader through the appropriate area director.

The Aquatics Area will sponsor free nights of boating, blobbing and swimming. These free nights are available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Scouts that do not enroll in regular aquatics sessions will have the opportunity during these times to participate in waterfront activities.  Troops may also sign up for a refreshing swim at the waterfalls under their own leadership.  Sign up for a swim at the falls with the Aquatics Director during the leader meetings.

The shooting ranges are open during twilight hours for any Scout qualified to shoot.  The climbing & rapelling tower is open on a first-come first-served basis with priority to those working on rappelling for Camping Merit Badge.  Fishing from the shore of the lake and ponds is welcome - no wading, please.  Sign-ups for horseback trail rides are done at camp the day of the trail ride.  

Cowboy Campfire

The Cowboy Campfire is a gathering on Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. outside of the Ranch House, complete with stories, poetry and songs.  Bring your own instrument or cowboy poem!  We’ll provide the cobbler.

Friday Campfire

At the Friday night campfire, Scouts will provide the skits, stunts and songs.  There will be sign-ups during the week with an audition on Friday morning for campfire selection and placement.  Not every skit can be chosen for campfire, so practice hard and polish up your acting and musical skills!  We will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of camp at the Friday campfire each week. 

Inter-troop Campfires

Each Wednesday night, the troops in camp pair up together for an evening of fun and fellowship.  Starting at about 5:00 p.m., the troops are on their own program time to schedule activities of their own choosing such as chapel services, nature hikes, fishing trips, or a game of horseshoes.  It is recommended that troops should do a campfire together to ensure that the Scouts in Communications merit badge are able to fulfill their campfire planning requirement.  Dinner will be delivered to the campsites at about 5:30 p.m.  SPLs from both troops will inform the camp office before noon on Wednesday which troop they are pairing with and whether or not they need camp food.  Troops may bring and prepare their own food if they so choose.

Scoutmaster / Senior Patrol Leader Shoot-off

On Thursday evening, Scoutmasters and SPLs team up for our team shoot extravaganza.  Each Scoutmaster/SPL team will compete together in archery, shotgun, and .22 rifle.  The total combined score of each will determine the winning team and the team that does the best in each competition will be crowned as the camp sharpshooters.

Patrol Flag Competition

On Friday each patrol around camp will be able to enter their patrol flag in a competition to see which patrol is the most creative, most original, and most artistic.  Patrols are encouraged to make their flag ahead of time and bring it with them to camp.

Scoutmaster Cook-off

On Thursday evening the most popular competition at Slippery Falls is the Scoutmaster Cook-off.  The prize on the line is not only a year’s bragging rights, but also the coveted camp apron.  This challenge is for the best entree and dessert in camp and is open to all adult leaders. So bring your cooking utensils, your secret ingredients, and your best recipe!

Duty to God

Vespers is a short fellowship service held each evening (except Wednesday) after dinner.  Vespers is held at the chapel and everyone is encouraged to attend.  Members of the staff will conduct the first vespers, with the assistance of the camp chaplain.  Scouts and units may volunteer at check-in to lead one of the services during the week.
Scouts may also volunteer to lead grace prior to meals.  Scouts do this through their Senior Patrol Leader.

Slippery Falls Grace
For Food and Fun,
For Good Friends and Good Health,
For Sun and Rain,
For Our Council Fires 
and the Trails to Follow,
We Thank Thee O Lord.

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